The Transporter refueled 2015 – New Trailer

Watch The Transporter Refueled OnlineWatch The Transporter refueled Online That’s done! EuropaCorp, the production studio of Luc Besson, has unveiled the first teaser trailer for The Heritage Transporter (The Transporter The Transporter refueled formerly Legacy) reboot Camille Delamarre (very bad Brick Mensions). Exit Jason Statham and place ed skrein and Ray Stevenson, Loan Chabanol and Gabriella Wright.

Frank Martin, aka The Transporter, acts according to three simple rules: no names, no questions, no renegotiation of the contract. During one of his missions, he finds himself embroiled in a vendetta waged four young women with nothing to lose. Embedded in a race against time with very personal issues, he will have no choice but to implode all the rules he had set.

The new trailer for “The Transporter refueled” is definitely action packed, but is that the film will be good? Presumably the fact that Ed Skrein replaces Jason Statham in the title role is a bad thing, but we forget that “The Transporter 3” was a very bad chapter, even with Statham.

The action seems to work with humor as in the first film, and if the assembly is not too tiring as in most of Luc Besson productions, one might be surprised. “The Transporter refueled” arrives indoor September 4, and clearly, I do not think it will be a huge success at the box office, especially during the slowest weekends of the year.

Jason Statham, star of the stoic masterpieces like The Expendables and Hyper Tension was replaced in the role that made its international reputation. This time it is ed skrein of Game of Thrones, will take the lead role in the next Transporter. The Transporter refueled Full Movie

Although all the ingredients seem to be present, mayonnaise already seems much more bland without egg head Mr Statham, do not you think? The second trailer of The Transporter refueled, French Carrier: Legacy Camille Delamarre, ie Carrier 4, is out. This is the reboot of Carrier 1 (2002), the existing prequel saga, with a size change: Ed Skrein replaces Jason Statham in the role of Frank Martin.

Ed skrein former sports teacher turned singer and actor has not many achievements to its credit, but it is a situation that should change quickly. Still include her character Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones (That he has abandoned her film commitments) and its future involvement in Deadpool Tim Miller, a movie superhero of the universe X-Men to come out in 2016 women’s side, it is the model and actress Loan Chabanol who takes the lead role.

The pitch: Frank Martin is a former Special Forces, converted into the transport package top secret, often for customers from the middle. It is the Carrier with a code of conduct porofessionnel: Never change the contract, never give name, never open the package.

He is involved against his will in a robbery by a quartet of femmes fatales, led by his client of the moment, mysterious and manipulative, Anna. Côté d’Azur, Russian Mafia vendetta .. everything rushes as he faces a new situation: the abduction of her own father.